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The consortium landfill

Created in 1994 and operating since 1995, the consortium landfill is classified as "landfill for non-dangerous wastes" (former 1A category) and divided in 3 lots, for a total capacity of more than 2,000,000 cubic meters.

The landfill, in linewith the Community Directive 1999/31/EC adopted in Italywith the Legislative Decree 36/2003,was createdwhile taking into account all necessary technical requirements for the protection of the environmentalmatrices concerned (water, air, soil and subsoil). The intrinsic and characteristic feature of the plant is about its natural geological barrier with very low permeability, composed of a grey-blue clay layer dating back of the late Pleistocene, hundreds of meters thick (natural component), completed with, both on the bottomand banks, synthetic sheets in HDPE, 2mmthick (man-made component), and a systemof leachate draining (built component).

The landfill is also equipped with a biogas collection and recovery plant with production of electricity, a rainwater collection and pre-treatment system and additional works such as: office building, weighing plant, weighing office, weather station, etc.

At present, the plant serves 53 Municipalities in the Province of Chieti (about 150,000 inhabitants), private producers and, under ruling, other Municipalities in the Region of Abruzzo, collecting on average a total of about 100,000 tons/year.

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