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Photovoltaic installation

Lanciano Solar Park situated at Cerratina, has been working by April 2011 and it spreads over an area of ten ha land. It is 4 MWp Installation, that allows:
• An annual production of 5.400,00 kWp
The electric energy equal to annual energy requirements of about 2.057 households The unit of measurement showing the quantity of generated electricity is kWh equals to electric power of 1,000 W per hour.
• Avoided 2867 CO2 tons/year emissions into the atmosphere.
Tons of CO2 which have been avoided because of producing electricity from renewable sources such as sun instead of traditional sources like carbon, oil etc.
• Avoided an oil annual consumption of about 1.011 tons/year.
Tons of oil which are not wasted because of producing of electricity from renewable sources such as sun instead of oil.

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Virtual Tour

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