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Photovoltaic installation

A photovoltaic system consists of a range of mechanical, electric, and electronic components capable of collecting the available solar energy and convert it into electricity.

This is possible thanks to a physical phenomenon, called photovoltaic effect, which exploits the capabilities of certain semiconductor materials (e.g. silicon) which, when correctly treated, generate electricity when exposed to sunlight radiations.
In order to create a module, the base component of the photovoltaic system, several cells must be connected in series or in parallel and packed. The connection of several modules will then make it possible to have systems producing electricity of the desired power.

Photovoltaic panels generate direct current; this is sent to an inverter, where it is turned into low voltage alternate current.

A transformer is used to transform the low voltage current into medium voltage current, which is then introduced in the distribution network, and sent to the users

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